Northern California Wildfire Victims

Was Your Home Or Other Structure Damaged In A Wildfire?

Wildfires occur regularly in California and frequently damage homes and other structures. Some serious recent Northern California wilfires are:

1.  The Butte Fire started on September 9, 2015, and damaged parts of Calaveras and Amador Counties. It burned 70,868 acres and destroyed 549 homes, 368 outbuildings, and 4 commercial properties. 

2.  The Valley Fire started shortly after the Butte Fire, on September 15, 2015, and damaged parts of southern Lake County. It burned 76,067 acres and destroyed 1281 homes, 27 multi-family structures, 66 commercial properties, and 581 other structures.

3.  The Clayton Fire started August 13, 2016 and damaged parts of Southern Lake County in the vicinity of Lower Lake and Clearlake. It burned 3,929 acres and destroyed 300 structures and damaged 28 others.    

4.  The Soberanes Fire started on July 22, 2016, and damaged parts of Monterey County not far from Big Sur. It burned 132,127 acres, destroyed 57 homes and 11 outbuildings, and damaged 3 more structures and 2 outbuildings.  

There have been many other recent Northern California wildfires, though they are generally smaller than those referred to above.  

If You Are A Northern California Wildfire Victim, And You Are Not Satisfied With The Amount Paid Or Offered By Your Insurance Company, I May Be Able To Help.

My practice is devoted exclusively to representing the victims of significant fires (and other large property losses, such as major water losses). Most major fire losses are insured—the victims have homeowners insurance which covers the loss. Having insurance is no guarantee, however, that you will be fully and fairly compensated for your loss.

Insurance companies have no incentive to maximize the payout on your fire claim. Quite the contrary, insurance company have an incentive to minimize claims payouts.

Thus, it is not uncommon, during the adjustment of a fire loss:

  • for homeowners to be significantly under-compensated for the damage to their real property (their homes and and “other structures” on their property); and
  • for homeowners to be significantly under-compensated for their damaged or destroyed personal property (clothing, furniture, electronics, etc.); and
  • for disputes to arise between homeowners and their insurance companies regarding the amounts paid for damaged or destroyed real or personal property.

It Is Not Too Late For You To Be Fully Compensated. Your Claim Can Be Reopened Even If You Have Already Been Paid.

I have assisted many homeowners in obtaining full and fair settlements of their fire or water damage claims. I have usually been retained by homeowners well after they have been paid by their insurance company. This means that ordinarily, I am retained to re-examine (and to persuade an insurance company to re-examine), a claim already paid. In some instances, I have been retained even after repairs to a fire damaged home have been partially completed. 

Call Or Email Me To Arrange A Free Consultation—By Phone Or In Person.  The Sooner You Call After A Loss, the Better.  

I will explain how I can assist you in a cost-effective manner, to obtain what you are entitled to under the terms of your insurance policy. I can explain the mechanics of your policy, and how the claims process works. I can evaluate all aspects of your claim, how it was handled by your insurance company, and most importantly, I can assist you to obtain all of the benefits you are entitled to under the terms of your policy and applicable law.  It helps to call me as early as possible after a loss.  Costly mistakes can then be avoided.  Many clients have told me "I wish I had called you earlier."