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Whatever the source — roof leak, burst pipe, plumbing fixture — a sudden and massive intrusion of water in the interior of a home can be both emotionally devastating and costly. The Law Offices of Bruce C. F. McArthur represents homeowners whose homes have suffered serious water damage.

As with a fire, property loss from water damage and the cost of repairs may be considerable. As with fire damage claims, you and your insurer may disagree on the extent of the damage, what repairs are necessary, what those repairs should cost, and/or what losses are covered under your homeowners insurance.

Attorney McArthur is an experienced lawyer representing property owners in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California: “I am committed to obtaining for you a full, fair and reasonable settlement for the damage to your home and its ruined contents.”

Water Damage Claims in California

Not all water damage claims are covered. Coverage (or lack thereof) may depend on the specific coverage language and the exclusions in your policy. You may need some assistance in understanding and interpreting your policy. Contact the water damage claims law firm of Bruce McArthur for a free consultation. Attorney McArthur provides insight into your particular coverage and advice on the best legal path forward. Water damage can result from several causes, including:

  • Roof leaks or storm damage
  • Plumbing leaks inside your home
  • Sewer back-ups
  • Defective appliances
  • Firefighting efforts

In most cases, repairs and personal property replacement are paid for by your homeowners insurance. However, every insurance company and every insurance policy is different. Your claim will be subject to the monetary limits and deductibles, and the specific terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, of your particular insurance policy.

Restoring Your Home And Property

Water from leaks, floods, malfunctioning appliances, etc. can wreak havoc in your home. It may damage or destroy any/all of the following:

  • flooring
  • drywall
  • trim
  • electrical fixtures and wiring
  • insulation
  • framing

Water problems can also result in toxic mold blooms both inside and outside of the walls. It can damage or destroy your furniture, electronics, clothing, books and other personal property. If the damage is sufficiently pervasive, you may need to relocate pending the repairs.

Why Can’t the Insurance Company Evaluate Damage?

It is important for you to have the water damage to your home evaluated by an independent general contractor, or another type of fire and/or water damage restoration specialist. Someone who is not involved in an ongoing business relationship with your insurance company who put you interests first. For insurance adjusters, the insurance company’s interests are paramount, and so they will most likely record as minimal damage as possible.

The San Francisco area law firm of Bruce McArthur ensures evaluations are thorough. We staff fire and water damage restoration experts, who can accurately evaluate the damage to a home and estimate the cost of repairs.

An insurer is not always motivated to “look for” water damage inside the walls or ceiling or in other locations where it is not immediately apparent. My goal is to make sure you receive the full compensation you are entitled to for your loss. This begins with a careful and comprehensive evaluation of the water damage to your home, whether that damage is clearly visible or not. In some cases, this requires drilling small holes to see past the walls and floors, and looking in the attic, basement, garage, crawlspace, etc. to make sure that all water damage is located and the cost of repair is fully addressed.

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