Firm Overview

Walnut Creek Insurance Claim Lawyer

Quite often, your insurance company is more concerned with its own bottom line (limiting the payout on your claim) than in making you whole. My purpose is to make sure you are fully compensated for your loss, so you can afford a quality repair of your home. This usually does not happen automatically. If not before, you will usually know when you receive an offer on your claim from your insurance company, whether or not you are going to have a problem.

At the Law Offices of Bruce C. F. McArthur, my mission is to assist you through the claims process and then through the difficult process of restoring your home and belongings. One of the most critical aspects of this process is obtaining a full, fair and reasonable settlement from your homeowners insurance company. The insurance proceeds you receive should be adequate to repair your home and replace your belongings, without cutting corners. This is not a simple process, and does not happen overnight.

My Practice Is Limited To Fire And Water Damage Claims

From my law office in Walnut Creek, I serve clients throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond. My law practice is focused on representing homeowners (and sometimes renters or businesses) in fire damage claims as well as water damage claims and other large property losses.

I am particularly suited to handle these kinds of claims for a number of reasons:

  • Having handled insurance claims, disputes and litigation throughout my 30-plus years of practice, I have acquired a thorough understanding of the insurance policy issues and California laws and regulations that apply to insurance companies and to claims handling in particular.
  • During approximately the first half of my professional career, a considerable amount of my practice was devoted to the representation of insurance companies, in “bad faith” and similar lawsuits. I therefore have acquired, from the “inside,” an understanding of how claims departments of insurance companies function, and the insurance regulations and California case law that govern their behavior and operations. Shortly after establishing my own firm in 1996, I ceased to represent insurance companies, and since then I have instead represented policyholders and other consumers against insurance companies. In recent years I have focused almost exclusively on fire and water damage claims. I am unaware of any other Bay Area lawyers with this kind of focused practice, and none who take the kind of detailed “hands-on” approach to fire losses that I do.
  • I have many years of experience in construction litigation and in reviewing and analyzing estimates for residential repairs. I am well-versed in the general approach and the specific software (“Xactimate”) used by most major insurance companies, and by California General Contractors specializing in fire and water damage repairs. This background is invaluable in assessing the adequacy of an insurance company’s repair estimate and settlement offer.
  • I devote the time and resources necessary to understand each client’s house, how it is built, how it should be repaired, and how much it should cost to do so. I bring in other professionals as necessary to (1) adequately assess and document the method and cost of repair of my clients’ homes, and (2) to inventory their personal belongings, and determine the cost of replacing them. I generally remain involved during the repair process, and address Building Code upgrade requirements and costs, and insurance coverage or other legal issues that may arise.
  • Though my clients are free to choose any builder they wish to rebuild their homes, I can, if requested, supply recommendations to well qualified General Contractors from which my clients can potentially find a suitable builder.

Representative Outcomes

My case results page details several actual recoveries for my clients, including dollar amounts. These are not isolated or unusual results, but are representative and fairly typical.

Though my preference is to be retained as early in the process as possible, when demolition and debris removal (of building debris and/or personal property debris) have not yet occurred, I have been retained at various stages of the claims process and/or the rebuilding process, including:

— Immediately after a fire or other loss when there has not yet been an assessment of the loss, or the possible cost or repairs;

— Several weeks, to several months after a fire or other loss, after the insurance company has evaluated the loss, prepared an estimate for repairs, and made a settlement offer to the homeowner;

— Several months after a fire, when the insurance company has either declined to pay a claim, or has not yet indicated whether it will be paid or not (e.g., where there is a suspicion of fraud or arson);

— After the dwelling portion of the claim has been paid, but before the repairs have commenced; and

— After the repairs have begun.

If you need an experienced insurance claim attorney, email me or call (925) 905-9935 to arrange a free consultation.