Attorney Profile

Extensive Experience With Insurance, Construction And Property Losses

My name is Bruce McArthur. I am an attorney located in Walnut Creek, CA. In my legal practice, I address fire and water damage claims, and other significant property losses arising in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. For a serious property loss, I am willing to consider handling a claim outside the greater Bay Area (e.g., in Sacramento County, Santa Cruz County, or even as far away as Lake Tahoe area).

I have many years experience handling insurance disputes and insurance lawsuits of all types throughout my professional career. I also have many years experience handling construction disputes and construction litigation, representing all parties including general contractors, subcontractors, other construction professionals, property owners, and insurance companies. By handling construction disputes and litigation for many years, I acquired a practical understanding of the fundamentals of residential construction. (I have also handled, during my professional career, many other varieties of civil litigation, including personal injury, real estate, employment, discrimination, sexual harassment, landlord-tenant, commercial litigation, in addition to insurance and construction litigation.)

For many years, in the insurance disputes and litigation I handled, I represented primarily insurance companies, including many well known homeowners insurance companies, in "bad faith" and similar lawsuits. By representing insurance companies for many years, I acquired an understanding of the rules, regulations and laws governing insurance companies in California, and how claims are (or should be) handled, and the legal consequences to insurance companies that result from mishandling claims. Today, my legal practice is focused primarily on the handling of homeowner claims for fire and water damage. In other words, I now represent homeowners and renters and other consumers against insurance companies.

Complementing my insurance and construction law backgrounds, I have also familiarized myself with and have been trained in the use of, the software package (Xactimate), used by most major insurance companies in California, to prepare the property damage repair estimates which they rely upon to settle fire or water damage claims. Understanding (1) the rules and laws governing insurance companies, and (2) the fundamentals of residential construction, and (3) construction cost estimating, are all key ingredients in negotiating a fair settlement with your insurer so that you can afford a quality repair of your home.