San Francisco Bay Area Insurance Claims Attorney

Fair Settlements For Victims Of Fire Or Water Damage

Few events are more devastating than when your home is seriously damaged or destroyed by a fire (or other calamity). It is all so overwhelming — finding temporary housing, dealing with insurance companies, cleanup and “packout” companies, Building Departments and General Contractors, among others, and trying to deal with your normal personal and professional responsibilities, while trying to pick up the pieces of your life.  

The Law Offices of Bruce C. F. McArthur is committed to your restoration and recovery from such a disaster. My law practice primarily emphasizes fire damage and water damage insurance claims. My goal is to help you obtain a full and fair settlement from your homeowner’s insurance company.

I am an experienced lawyer representing homeowners and renters in the greater San Francisco Bay Area (and sometimes further away). Contact me immediately for a free consultation if you have sustained a fire or water loss.  See representative examples of the results I have obtained for my clients (click on the "CASE RESULTS" tab above).

Don’t Be Too Quick To Settle Your Claim

Most people are understandably confused by their homeowner’s insurance policy and unfamiliar with the claims process. However, you should not allow yourself to be pressured by your insurance company into a quick settlement. Too many homeowners settle their claims for far less than they are entitled to. The result is that they are not able to afford quality repairs to their homes.  My goals are: (1) to make sure that your insurance company does not take unfair advantage of you, and (2) to maximize your fire damage or water damage settlement, by making sure that you are fully compensated for all insured losses, including:

  • Damage to or destruction of your home
  • Damage to other structures (e.g., outbuildings, separate garages, etc.)
  • Damaged or destroyed personal property (the contents of your home)
  • The cost of living elsewhere pending your repairs (or lost rental income is the damaged home is a rental
  • Damage to your trees, plants, shrubs
  • The cost of required "Building Code Upgrades"

My background and attention to detail help you get full value.

In the past, I represented insurance companies for many years. I am familiar with their practices and procedures, as well as the laws and regulations that they must comply with in California. I am also an experienced construction litigator, with many years experience representing both property owners and construction professionals, and dealing with residential construction issues.

Today I represent homeowners/property owners (and occasionally renters), in their fire and water damage (and other major property damage) claims against insurance companies. (I also occasionally represent uninsured claimants, depending on the circumstances.)  I not only draw on my insurance litigation and construction litigation background, but I am also a trained estimator, well-versed in the “industry standard” Xactimate estimating software used by most major insurance companies in California to estimate the cost of your repairs.

Committed To Your Recovery 

I am confident I can make the entire recovery process much easier for you, and significantly improve the outcome of your fire or water damage claim, and most importantly, that I can do so in a way that is cost effective. If you need an experienced insurance claims attorney, or if you just need to talk about your situation, email me or call my Walnut Creek office at (925) 905-9935 to arrange a free consultation.